Suporte – CasaMob


  • Use tips
    • We prepared some tips in this manual for you to make the most of your new CasaMob furniture. Read carefully before you start using it.

      Weight Limit

      Each module of your CasaMob furniture supports a weight limit. It is indicated in the assembly instruction manual contained in the product packaging. For your safety, do not sit on your furniture and ensure that children do not sit on it also or climb the shelves.


      CasaMob furniture tops are prepared to withstand the temperature of a hot pot of up to 120ºC. Temperatures above this can damage it and the damages are not covered by the warranty.


      A clean home is synonymous with well-being. And cleaning your CasaMob furniture the right way will guarantee that it lasts longer. Therefore, follow these tips:

      • Always opt for neutral cleaning products. Check on the product pack before applying.
      • Do not use products based on chlorine, ammonia or any other corrosive material.
      • Use only wet cloths and remember to dry the area immediately with a dry cloth. Avoid cleaning with large amount of water and do not leave your CasaMob furniture wet, mainly the modules near the area with sink.
      • Steel sponges, scouring powders or any other rough material should not be used because they can scratch the surface of your CasaMob furniture.
        Tip: clean gently with a soft sponge wet with water and neutral soap. Then dry well with a clean and soft cloth, such as a cleaning cloth.

      For leave your CasaMob furniture always beautiful and elegant, avoiding scratches, stains and dents, some precautions are important:

      • Avoid cutting food directly on the top. Use boards and other accessories as support.
      • Iron and aluminum cans like soft drinks and beers must be placed on a cloth or in protective packs.

        Tip: Use dishtowels to support the pots

      • Be careful not to drag objects and utensils on your Casamob furniture.
      • Keep foods like ketchup, mustard, onion, salt and other acidic substances in duly protected packs.
      • Do not use colored papers, fabrics or plastics to line your CasaMob furniture. Prefer white and soft cloths to prevent stains.

      Some important tips for cleaning beneath the cupboards:

      • Be sure to dry the entire area beneath the modules, feet and skirting on using water to clean the kitchen.
      • Some CasaMob furniture have the Exclusive Smart Skirting system, which opens and closes. To clean beneath the furniture with this type of accessory, lift only the skirting, use the broom or cloth (careful not to hit or jam) and dry completely if you use water. The Smart Skirting is a system exclusive to CasaMob that makes your environment more beautiful, without hindering the day-to-day cleaning.
  • Montagem
    • If you have any doubt regarding assembly of casamob furniture, contact us through the channels below:

  • Technical Assistance
    • The CasaMob module technical assistance is summoned through the stores where the product was purchased. To summon it, the customer must proceed as follows:

      • Driving to the store where you purchased the CasaMob module, taking the term of warranty and the purchase invoice of the product. The warranty term is inserted in the product box.
      • Report to the store clerk the problem found in the product.

      The store summoned shall be responsible for sending the request to CasaMob. One will then evaluate if there is need for scheduled visit to the customer’s home for better evaluation of the problem reported. Having done this, CasaMob shall send the parts requested to the store within the deadline cited in the Product Quality Assurance Certificate for the change to be made.